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Taryn McCall


I was proud to be 3rd in the Masters Women’s division at the CrossFit Limitless Open.
Helped lead a team to victory during the first lockdown for the Sweaty Carpets.


Personal Training Level 3

About Coach

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2018 and joined CrossFit Chiltern at the same time. I ran my own Bootcamp and gained experience training clients 1:1. Whilst getting seriously interested in my training at CrossFit Chiltern I was encouraged to study the CrossFit level 1 course and become a Coach. It was definitely the best decision to become a Coach as I’ve learned so much about how our body moves and how to help people move better and train effectively.

Turning Point

I’ve always been quite shy especially talking in front of large groups of people, from speeches in front of the class at school to board meetings at work. My turning point was getting out of a job that had no meaning and focusing on something that I enjoy. I made a big effort in my PT studies to change my life and ultimately help others. I conquered my fear of speaking to groups of people by running my Bootcamp and coaching many classes at CrossFit Chiltern. I’m constantly studying courses for self-improvement and enjoy my role as coach and PT thoroughly!

Motivation & Passion

I love people and helping people improve themselves. Training people to move better, become stronger, and appreciate what they’re capable of is my goal.

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